Open-Minded Healing

Ynge Ljung - "The Allergy Kit" and "The Body Code" As Tools For Healing

February 15, 2022 Marla Miller Season 1 Episode 23
Open-Minded Healing
Ynge Ljung - "The Allergy Kit" and "The Body Code" As Tools For Healing
Show Notes

*How she ended up creating the Allergy Kit
*The standard treatment for allergies, and how Ynge wanted to create something better for her clients
*A detailed description of what the Allergy Kit contains, and how it addresses allergies, as well as food and environmental intolerances
*The protocol for using the vials and the laser in the kit
 *Where you can go to view a video of the Allergy Kit in action
* What is inside of the vials, and how to care for them so they last forever
*A client success story of how her client overcame Eczema
*Incorporating  nutrition in a way that helps heal the gut, and why you should avoid wheat
*Using the Emotion Code/Body Code as a tool to help her clients release emotions that are stuck in the body, and how it all works
*How many emotions you can clear in a session
*The end result of using the Body Code for a client that had been traumatized
*How Ynge was able to help a survivor of the CA fires, as well as her dog
*An example of how Body Code treatment was effective for a child with Autism
*Ynge gives me the experience of an  Emotion Code session

You can find Ynge Ljung at:

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