Open-Minded Healing

Winnie Chan Wang - The Five Levels of Releasing Trauma

October 11, 2022 Marla Miller Season 1 Episode 54
Open-Minded Healing
Winnie Chan Wang - The Five Levels of Releasing Trauma
Show Notes

*Trauma can get stuck in the body if the energy is not transmuted into something positive
*Healing happens at five levels (SOUL, HEART, MIND, ENERGY AND BODY)
*You can shift your mindset so that your greatest challenges become your biggest blessing
*Tapping into the Soul and Heart
*The power of accepting the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves
*Examples of physical pain that has a deeper route cause
*You are prone to  repeating the illness or circumstance if the root cause is not addressed
*Winnie shares why it’s so important to share your own vulnerabilities in order to help others heal
*Men need someone to hold space for them and allow them to be vulnerable as well, if we are going to heal as a society 

You can find Winnie Chan Wang at:

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