Open-Minded Healing

Dale Nieli - Beyond Sobriety to True Peace of Mind and Body

November 01, 2022 Marla Miller Season 1 Episode 57
Open-Minded Healing
Dale Nieli - Beyond Sobriety to True Peace of Mind and Body
Show Notes

*Feeling stuck in long term sobriety despite doing everything "right"
*Differentiating between what feelings are your own, or belong to someone else
*Learning how to relax the nervous system
*The benefit of replacing the words forgiveness and humility with compassion
*Tools and techniques to help her clients feel safe in their bodies
*One client finds relief after discovering how her lineage was affecting her
*A woman's physical symptom is resolved after addressing her stuck emotions
*Addressing your belief systems in order to free yourself from pain
*Not taking sobriety for granted 
*Mantras Dale lives by - "Don't pick up, no matter what",  and "Help somebody else"

You can find Dale Nieli at:
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