Open-Minded Healing

Dr. David Minkoff - How to Heal From Lyme, "The Great Masquerader"

January 31, 2023 Marla Miller Season 1 Episode 68
Open-Minded Healing
Dr. David Minkoff - How to Heal From Lyme, "The Great Masquerader"
Show Notes

*Dr. Minkoff explains why Lyme goes undetected or misdiagnosed in many cases.
*The pitfalls of antibiotic treatments
* Some of the most accurate forms of Lyme testing, and why Lyme Disease is known as the great masquerader
*A number of known causative agents that need to be addressed in order to heal your body from Lyme 

 *A variety of unique healing modalities and products that Dr. Minkoff uses to heal his Lyme patients

*The powerful use of oxygen and ozone therapy

*An amazing story of a teen’s recovery from Lyme

*Many mental health symptoms may really be a sign of a toxic, infected brain, and can be helped

* The moment you should seek out a different healthcare practitioner

You can find Dr. David Minkoff at: 

Life Works Wellness Center

Website -

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