Open-Minded Healing

Mike Mantic - Shared Wisdom From A Near Death Experience

November 23, 2021 Marla Miller Season 1 Episode 13
Open-Minded Healing
Mike Mantic - Shared Wisdom From A Near Death Experience
Show Notes

*The unconscious cultural taboos around death
*His near death experience and trouble integrating back into the world
*Meditating, Shamanic practices and Altered states of consciousness
*How he learned to incarnate more when stuck between worlds
*Overcoming our hard wired fear of death
*Fully inhabiting our space as a Spirit, and overcoming our fear around death
*Receiving beautiful, important messages from his diseased best friend
* How we subjugate our true lived experiences in favor of what authority says the world is
*How people can become aware of their Spirit or connect to others that have passed
*We are not broken, and need to stop chasing an illusion to fix ourselves
*A little bit of wisdom from Led Zeppelin
*Being true to your Spirit will have enormous power behind it
*How society and your ego will try and dissuade you from doing something meaningful

You can find Mike Mantic:  (program for building intuitive nature around death, and finding your true purpose) - (to sign up for his waiting list for that intuitive program)  (for healers and people doing consciousness work, to create a curriculum of what they want to bring to the world, and turning it into a business that serves many people and offers them a living)

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